Innovative Agriculture Training and Learning Camp (AGRI CAMP) Program

Funding organization: USAID/Armenia

Implementing partner: ICARE Foundation

Period of performance: May 2020 – Dectember 2026

Program Goal: AGRI CAMP aims to promote the development of innovative agriculture in Armenia by fostering triangular partnership between industry sector, students, young professionals and agripreneurs through hands-on and innovative agricultural trainings and skills building.

AGRI CAMP Program Objectives

AGRI CAMP expectations by the end of the Program

  • At least 200 students/graduates and faculty members trained in the sphere of new innovative farming practices and technologies.
  • At least 300 cooperatives/SMEs/farmers enhanced their knowledge and skills.
  • 20 selected cooperatives/SMEs/farmers received in-kind grants to support agricultural cooperation, business development and productivity growth.
  • At least 1,000 female agripreneurs and farmers trained in adopting new farm practices and innovative solutions to ensure productivity increase.
  • At least 15 female students provided with research grants and professional guidance.
  • 80 start-up ideas received mentorship for sustaining the business concept, 6 of which received startup development grants.